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I’ve entered a shares position on TSLA at $304.99 per shares. The company and it’s CEO Elon Musk have been battling the SEC over penalties resulting from a statement on Twitter by Musk that he planned to take the company private.

The statement roiled the markets as TSLA rose sharply, peaking at $387.46. The SEC’s proposed penalties led the price down to $260.56. The SEC announced a settlement on Saturday, and on Monday, when I entered the positions, the shares had risen sharply in pre-market trading, into the lower portion of the pre-brouhaha trading range.

The reason I chose long shares is that I think the settlement will give Tesla the best of all worlds.

Musk is a visionary genius, although erratic in his management style, especially in his public upset over short-sellers in the markets. The settlement requires Musk to step down as CEO for a minimum of three years. That will allow for professional oversight of his decisions. However, he will still retain his 19% or so ownership of the company, will still be the operational boss. In other words, the company keeps his genius, keeps him motivated and has a professional CEO to question his decisions.

And it’s time-limited. The Elon Musk of 2021 will have learned and grown, as we all do, and will perhaps be better able to again do the CEO job.

Bottom line: For me, TSLA is a story stock, pure and simple.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, Oct. 1, 2018

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