FXE Analysis

Update 1/3/2017: FXE rose after I entered and then fell. With expiration nearing, I exited the position at 37% of maximum potential profit.

The stock’s net movement was -1.8% over 37 days, or a -18% annual rate. The options position produced a 59.1% yield on debit for a +599% annual rate.

(The Private Trader platform on Blogger was not working properly at the time this was posted, so no full analysis is available. I have since migrated to WordPress as my platform.)

Blogger is trashed big time except on my iPhone, so briefly.

Entered volatility play on XLF based on trade by Ryan at Dough — http://www.dough.com.

Iron fly, short the $23 calls and puts, long the $25 calls and $21 puts.

Premium: $1.40.