Tuesday’s Agenda

In last night’s Prospects I discussed reasons why all four potential trades had problems.

The four — ABT, NVS, TXN and UTX — now have open interest on their options grids, but its low still, perhaps reflecting the fact that the MAR-series options were listed only last night.

ABT has the best open interest, but its implied volatility remains low, and I am removing it from my lit of prospects.

Open interest remains low on the other three, and I don’t want to trade them at this point because of that lack of liquidity. I’ll check them later in the day to see if they improve, but for now, I have no plans to enter any new positions today.

I am attempting an exit of GS as it approaches my price point for taking profits. I’ll report success or failure in the Outcomes post at the end of the trading day.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, Jan. 24, 2017


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