Tuesday’s Agenda

Implied volatility on GILD has fallen in early trading and it no longer qualifies for an analysis.

IV stands at the 31st percentile of the annual range and and the 42nd of the most recent broad movement. I require at least the 50th percentile in one or the other.

I shall continue to check volatility throughout the trading day, and if it rises sufficiently, I shall put GILD back on my agenda. But for now, I intend to further analysis.

I have placed orders to exit three symbols at my target prices: FB, INTC and QCOM. My target for iron fly constructions like these is to exit at 25% or higher of the maximum potential yield. I place exit orders when the position has reached 20% or better.

None of the orders has been filled.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, Feb. 7, 2017


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