Wednesday’s Outcomes

I entered no new positions.

The short call leg of my SU iron fly was assigned, placing 300 short shares of stock in my account at a market price of $31.33.

I bought back the shares at the strike price, $30 — a loss of $1.33 per share.

The remaining options are profitable at $29.49 and higher, and I have retained them in the expectation that they will expire profitably out of the money at the end of the day on March 17. If the opportunity presents itself, I will get rid of them early.

I will refrain from updating the analysis until the entire position has been unwound.

I am attempting an exit of BBY at my target price. I shall leave the order active and, in the unlikely event that it is filled before the closing bell, shall update Outcomes.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, March 1, 2017