Live: Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018

2/8 – 3:10 p.m. New York time

I entered no positions and exited none. I considered entering a bear call spread on one of the two fossil fuel ETFs that I track: UNG and OIH, but declined both trades without a full analysis. UNG has a very low implied volatility percentile, and OIH has bid/ask spread too wide to meet my standards.

2/8 – 1:45 p.m. New York time

Of the 44 exchange-traded funds that I track, only six remain uptrending on the daily chart using the Fisher Transform (FT) metric. Three are contrarian funds — if their underlying goes up, they go down, and vice versa: VXX, SPXU and TBT. The remaining three are XHB (the home builders), XRT (retail) and UUP (the U.S. dollar).

Of the 38 ETFs that are downtrending on the daily chart FT, X show a mismatch with their uptrending 3-hour FTs, a smaller level of granularity. They are the volatility measure VIX, the metals (GDXJ, GLD, SLV and NUGT), bond and bond-like funds (IEF, TLT and the utilities, XLU), and the U.S. dollar/Euro exchange (FXE).

This pattern puts my GLD position on watch, although I shall continue to hold it unless the daily-chart FT also turns uptrending.

That leaves 30 ETFs that are downtrending on both the daily and 3-hour FT measures. An embarrassment of prospects:

Symbol IV_Percentile Market Cap
DIA 86.96 16,591 M
IWM 82.40 32,324 M
QQQ 98.11 57,053 M
SPY 64.91 236,147 M
IYR 97.72 3,116 M
KRE 100.00 3,702 M
OIH 100.00 1,674 M
XBI 100.00 2,278 M
XLB 80.75 5,005 M
XLE 100.00 6,423 M
XLF 100.00 25,282 M
XLI 100.00 11,400 M
XLK 96.63 23,667 M
XLP 74.16 7,137 M
XLV 88.55 12,421 M
XLY 85.21 11,233 M
XME 46.53 506 M
XOP 89.25 412 M
UNG 0.00 558 M
LQD 100.00 35,547 M
DXJ 100.00 7,961 M
EEM 100.00 41,325 M
EFA 100.00 77,777 M
EWI 71.85 729 M
EWW 97.71 1,068 M
EWY 100.00 4,031 M
EWZ 60.69 8,206 M
FXI 100.00 4,178 M
RSX 85.35 2,054 M

Long story short, the U.S. stock markets are downtrending, along with some foreign markets.  I have exposure to the blue chips through my position in QQQ. I’m lacking exposure to fossil fuels (UNG, OIH). Oddly, corporate bonds (LQD) are unreservedly downtrending, whereas government instruments are showing a mismatch between levels of granularity.

2/8 – 1:05 p.m. New York time

I have no prospective earnings plays using options. I’m disregarding potential shares plays; they are by definition bullish, and the continued fall of the markets after a 50% retracement is a classic pattern used in Elliott Wave analysis that convinces me that the downtrend is more than a passing event. I shall be moving funds from my shares account over to an options account, where they can be used for downtrending positions.

2/8 – 10:50 a.m. New York time

I exited no positions in the opening bell’s first rush. My two shares positions, HUN and MTX, which I entered on Wednesday, have moved to a downtrending posture on the 3-hour Fisher Transform (FT) metric. If the one-day FT follows, then I shall exit them.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, Feb. 8, 2018


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