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The Walt Disney Co. (DIS)

Update 4/29/2019:  I exited DIS today for a disastrous $8.50 debit, more than eight times the entry premium credit. The stock price gapped up nearly 10%, from $116.60 to $127.91, after Disney announced details of its planned streaming channel. It never fell back.

Shares were trading at $139.72 at the exit, up $24.95. The debit was $7.50 below the entry credit.

Shares rose by 21.7% over 24 days, or a +331% annual rate. The options position produced an 88.2% loss for a -1,342% annual rate.

So, disastrous for this month’s bottom line? Yes. End of the world? Of course not. This is why I do trade sizing, to avoid the possibility that single trade could cause me harm. Like the wise old trader said, “Don’t risk money you can’t afford to lose.”

Take-aways: This was a middling IV range on a well publicized stock. I mean, everyone knows Disney. The earnings announcement was about a month away. However, I knew at entry that the company was rolling out its streaming service. I knew it would be an impact; I underestimated how large it would be. 

Trading exchange-traded funds, which provide diversity, is one way of avoiding such unpleasant surprises. Trading less visible companies (i.e., not tech and not entertainment) is another way to mitigate the effect. The risk/reward ratio — 9:1 — magnified the loss, so ensuring a lower ratio would mitigate.

And probably the best way is to accept it as the cost of doing business. I may have a 90% chance of closing profitably on the upside, as I did with this position, but that remaining 10% is a real risk. As the wise old trader also said, “Young fella, 10 percent ain’t peanuts.”


I have entered a short iron condor spread on DIS, using options that trade for the last time 42 days hence, on May 17. The premium is a $1.00 credit and the stock at the time of entry was priced at $114.77

The implied volatility rank (IVR) stands at 37.

Premium: $1.00 Expire OTM
DIS-iron condor Strike Odds Delta
Long 135.00 99.0% 1
Break-even 126.00 94.5% 6
Short 125.00 90.0% 11
Short 105.00 84.0% 15
Break-even 96.00 90.5% 9
Long 95.00 97.0% 3

The premium is 10% of the width of the position’s wings.

The risk/reward ratio is 9:1.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, April 5, 2019


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