Live: Wednesday, December 4, 2019

12:05 p.m. New York time

Two shares positions, IBP and MGRC, dropped off of the Upgrades and Revisions screen, and I exited each for a profit.

I added SNE to the Revisions portfolio for a $65.26 debit.

IBP sold for $69.37, an 86 cent gain per share. The position produced a 1.2% return over 22 for a +21% annual rate.

MGRC went $74.57, a gain of $1.53 per share. The position produced a 2.1% return over two days, or a +382% annual rate.

RH had dropped off of the Revisions screen earlier, but I held on to capture earnings after Monday’s closing bell. The symbol remains off of the Revisions screen but continues to appear on the Momentum screen. So I’m hanging on to the position and will consider adding the following to my rules:

A positions that drops off of the principal screen but continues to appear on a secondary screen that the trader is following can, at the trader’s discretion, continue to be held until it drops off of the secondary screen.

In the case of my operations, for the present at least, I’ve chosen Upgrades and Revisions as my principal screen because it’s forward looking, based as it is on analysts’ efforts to forecast earnings.

I’m continuing Momentum as by secondary screen. It is backward looking — how quickly the price of a stock been rising over several time frames. But its appearance on the Momentum screen implies that the uptrend is continuing.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, December 4, 2019


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