Live: Tuesday, December 24, 2019

11:30 a.m. New York time

Four symbols dropped off of the Growth Portfolio Screen, my primary, and the lone resident of the secondary Momentum Portfolio also dropped off. A new symbol appeared on the Growth screen, and I added a symbol to the Genetics Portfolio as I continue its roll-out.

So, in my shares positions, five exits, two entries.

  • Entries:
    • Growth Portfolio: HA for a $30.66 debit
    • Genetics Portfolio: EDIT for a $32.41 debit
  • Exits:
    • Growth Portfolio
      • CRCM for a $15.00 credit, a profit of $2.59, producing a 20.8% return over 15 days for a +506% annual rate.
      • EBMT for a $21.11 credit, a loss of $0.97. That’s a 4.4% loss over seen days for a -229% annual rate.
      • MHO for a $40.62 credit, a loss of $2.85, resulting in a 6.6% loss over 39 days for a -61% annual rate.
      • RS for a $120.96 credit, a profit of $1.07, or a 0.9% return over seven days for a +47% annual rate.
    • Momentum Portfolio
      • SEM for a $22.90 credit, a gain of $1.55, producing a +7.3% return over 39 days for a +68% annual rate.

That’s the lot. The Growth Portfolio is governed by changes in analyst opinion. So perhaps a wave of pre-holiday sadness has crept into Wall Street. SEM, in the Momentum Portfolio, began it’s life as a Growth play, and changed its coat to a Momentum play after dropping off of the Growth Portfolio.

A busy day with a shortened trading session. I’ll be back on Thursday, when the markets re-open.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, December 24, 2019


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