Live: Thursday, January 23, 2020

Update 2/4/2020Note that this method of exiting created problems and I have abandoned it. See the new Trading Rules explanation on the pulldown menu at the top of any page.

1:10 p.m. New York time

Today was taking out the trash day, as I cleared out some positions from the Bench that no longer had a reason for being there. And it turned out to be a down day on the markets generally, so there were mainly losses.

I’ve reworked my stock trading rules to bring them into line with my current practices, adding a few new things along the way. Here they are:

      1. Entry
        1. When the Zacks criteria are met.
          1. Strategy portfolios, which are the results of queries into the Zacks database: When the stock appears on the screening, meaning it matches all of my search criteria.
          2. Watchlist portfolios, which are lists of stocks: When a stock on the watchlist has a Zacks rank of 1 or 2.
          3. Income portfolios: When the fund has a Zacks rank of 1, 2 or 3.
        2. Set a trailing stop/loss for each position.
            1. The standard stop/loss will be set at double the 14-day Wilder Average True Range at the time the stop is set.
            2. The stop/loss can be varied to meet the needs of a position.
      1. Position Management
        1. Exit each position that fails to meet the criteria of its portfolio.
          1. In exiting, consider setting a close trailing stop/loss rather than exiting outright, in case the position rises.
          2. A position that no longer meets the criteria of its portfolio may be moved to the Bench if there is a reason to continue to hold it, such as an ex-dividend date in the near future.

The biggest change is the trailing stop/loss requirement. I’ll be updating the Trading Rules section with these changes over the weekend.

Today’s focus was on the watchlist portfolios. I’m in the process of phasing out the Utilities Portfolio, replacing it with a Robotics Portfolio based on the holdings of the ARKQ exchange-traded fund, which also manages the ARKG fund, the source of the watchlist for my Genetics Portfolio (although ARKG calls it “genomics”).

Today’s Trades

  • Genetics
    • Entries
      • CDXS, for a $17.29 debit.
      • REGN, a $359.56 debit.
  • Robotics
    • Entries
      • CSOD, for a $62.43 debit.
      • TER, a $76.15 debit.
      • TSM, a $57.22 debit
  • Growth
    • Exits
      • AMED, for a $180.64 credit per share, down 31 cents from the entry level, a 0.2% loss over two days for a -31% annual rate.
      • ATSG, a $21.53 credit, down $1.64, for a 7.1% loss over 20 days, a a -129% annual rate.
      • NTAP, a $59.99 credit, down $1.65, producing a 2.7% loss over two days for a -489% annual rate.
  • Momentum
    • Exits
      • PERI, for a $9.06 credit, down 56 cents from the entry level, producing a 5.8% loss over one day for a -2,125% annual rate.
  • Bench
    • Exits
      • NGLOY, for a $14.06 credit per shares, up two cents from the entry level, producing a 0.1% return over 20 days for a 2.6% annual rate.
      •  PFGC, a $51.87 credit, down 23 cents, a 0.5% loss over 16 days for a -10% annual rate.
      • TALO, a $25.88 credit, down $5.11 from entry, a 16.5% loss over 16 days for a -376% annual rate.
      • TNK, a $20.02 credit, down $3.77 from entry, a 15.9% loss over nine days for a -643% annual rate.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, January 23, 2020


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