Live: Monday, January 27, 2020

11:50 a.m. New York time

As the world knows, today began as a down day in the markets. I awoke this morning to the gentle clanging of stop/losses triggering on seven of my stock holdings. My options holdings were giving silent screens of pain as they moved away from profitability five days before I’m scheduled to exit the profitable positions.

The Wuhan coronavirus panic has been blamed for the declines. Given the history of the markets over the past year, I’m more inclined to think that the long-awaited major correction is stepping forward. But January honors the Roman god Janus, who is said to have adapted, trading in his double face — Peace or War — for the 21st century’s great concerns: Bull market or Bear. So perhaps the never-ending bull market written by the trading algorithms has not ended yet.

Today’s focus portfolio is Momentum, and a quick check while sipping morning tea — Japanese Bancha, my favorite — I discovered that SNE had dropped off of the Momentum Portfolio, requiring that it be sold. All in all, way too exciting for a Monday morning.

I found three candidates in the Momentum screen that also were still in their uptrends, and I added them to the portfolio.

Today’s exits, combined with those last week left me a with wheelbarrow of free cash and no obviously good place to park it. As always, research will solve that problem.

In the trades below, SNE dropped off the Momentum screen and was manually sold, AAPL exited when its trailing 2% stop/loss was triggered, and the rest had my standard trialing stop/loss that was triggered, set at double the Average True Range.

Stock Trades

  • Growth
    • Exits
      • CRMT, for a $106.28 credit per share, down $3.33 from entry, a 3.0% loss over six days for a -185% annual rate.
      • LHCG, a $144.40 credit, up $0.78 from entry, a 0.5% return for a +12% annual rate.
      • YY, a $56.50 credit, down $7.47 from entry, an 11.7% loss over six days for a -711% annual rate.
  • Momentum
    • Exits
      • MX, a $14.36 credit,  down $1.56 from entry, a -9.8% loss over five days for a -717% annual rate
      • SNE, a $71.43 credit, up 0.83, showing a 1.2% return over 19 days for a +23% annual rate
    • Entries
      • CVH, a $4.51 per share debit.
      • ELVT, a $4.93 debit.
      • FRTA, a $14.32 debit.
  •  Genetics
    • Exit
      • AAPL, a $309.07 credit, up $17.17 from entry, producing a 5.9% return over 27 days for an +80% annual rate.
  • Robotics
    • Exits
      • CSOD, a $59.41 credit, down $3.09 from entry, a 3.0% loss over four days for a -441% annual rate.
      • TSM, a $55.52 credit, down $1.70 from entry, a -3.0% loss over four days for a -272% annual rate.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, January 27, 2020


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