Live: Wednesday, February 12, 2020

12:20 p.m. New York time

Little trading today, with no exits and two entries, in the Momentum Portfolio, today’s focus. Also, a couple of transfers from the Bench back into their respective portfolios, a new portfolio and a rotation change to accommodate it.

First, the entries: DVA for an $88.04 per share debit, and OESX for a $5.70 debit.

The transfers from the Bench: CYH again qualified for the Momentum Portfolio and SPLK, for Robotics.

I’ve noted that the Zacks algorithm serves up an uncommonly large number of mid-cap and small-cap symbols. No surprise. They tend to be the most volatile.

However, I do see value in balancing my holdings with some large caps. So I’ve created a portfolio consisting of the S&P 500 index symbols with a strong buy rank (1) from Zacks. There are today 21 symbols that meet that criteria, about 4% of the 505 stocks in the S&P 500. I already hold two symbols: DVA in Momentum — today’s purchase — and PHM in Growth.

I’m shortening the new portfolio to SP500, treating it as a watchlist portfolio, and modifying the rotation to pair each watchlist portfolio with a strategy portfolio. So tomorrow will be Value and SP500, Friday will pair Growth and Genetics, and Tuesday, after the Monday market holiday, will pair Value and Robotics, and then the day after the rotation will begin again with Value/SP500.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, February 12, 2020


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