Live: Friday, February 14, 2020

11:30 a.m. New York time

I exited the stock in my Income Portfolio, replacing it with a stock in the SP500 Portfolio. I also added a position to the Growth Portfolio — today’s focus, along with Genetics — and moved a Momentum position to the Bench.

The Income position, JCAP, was in the small remainder of a Roth IRA. It fell to a Zacks rank of hold (3) with the lowest scores possible for all three strategies — value, growth and momentum. All of this and more than a month to go before the first quarterly dividend.

JCAP went for a $20.31 per-share credit, up 29 cents from entry, producing a 1.4% return over 17 days for a 31% annual rate. Sorry to miss the 1.7% quarterly dividend, but so it goes.

Rather than bringing another income play on board, I turned to the blue chips in the SP500 Portfolio, entering RL in the Roth account, for a debit of $121.97 per share.

In the Growth Portfolio I added a position in IBP for a debit of $75.28.

APAM dropped off the Momentum Portfolio but, with a rank of strong buy (1), it qualifies for the Bench. I’ll continue to hold the position until the Zacks rank falls below hold (3) or, while at hold, the momentum score falls below B (where it sits today).

Monday is a market holiday in the United States. Trading resumes on Tuesday, February 18.

That day also begins expiration week for my February short iron condors. Three options positions remain: TLT, XLE and XLK. All have options that are out of the money, and Tuesday or Wednesday I shall dispose of those portions of the positions and allow what’s left to expire without value, the preferred outcome for short options positions like these.

In stocks, Tuesday’s focus will be on the Momentum and Robotics portfolios.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, February 14, 2020


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