Live: Monday. October 23, 2017

8/23 – 3:20 p.m. New York time

I entered two positions today, earnings plays on GM and WHR. I have attempted a long-shot exit/roll on TLT at my target, so far without success.

8/23 – 3:05 p.m. New York time

I have entered an earnings play on WHR.

3/23 – 2:35 p.m. New York time

I have entered a bullish directional play on GM timed to coincide with an earnings announcement.

3/23 – 11:25 a.m. New York time

The present prospects list is GM and WHR.

Of my prospects over the weekend, I am tossing UTX because its strike prices are situated too far from the at-the-money mark, making it awkward to construct a position.

GLW and GM have high earnings surprise expectations from the Zacks earnings surprise predictor algorithm, GLW to the downside and GM to the upside. I shall analyze GM as a directional play (a bull put vertical spread) but reject GLW, since Zacks  judges its positive surprise predictions to have the greater reliability.

WHR qualifies for a a full analysis as a non-directional trade (an iron fly).

3/22 – 10 a.m. New York time

I have three prospective earnings plays on my desk for Monday: GLW, GM and UTX and WHR.. In making my final decision, I shall be assessing GLW and GM for their potential as directional trades, as opposed to my neutral iron fly structure. The bid/ask spread for a trade on GLW, UTX and WHR is wider than my standard allows, but both are within reach.

For the remainder of the week, I shall be pulling my prospects from these symbols:

As is my practice during peak earnings season, I tightened up on my screening in order to get a prospects list short enough for me to deal with by screening out all with implied volatilities below the 45th percentile of the past year, implied volatility less than double the VIX, a price below $15 and lacking weekly options for my next expiration, Nov. 3.They have not yet been screened for Zacks indicators nor for their current trend implied volatility percentiles or bid/ask spreads. They were picked from a pool of 158 large-cap symbols of companies publishing earnings.

sym action earnings date meridian
AKAM 10/24 10/24 pm
ANTM 10/24 10/25 am
BA 10/24 10/25 am
BAX 10/24 10/25 am
CMG 10/24 10/24 pm
EW 10/24 10/24 pm
ILMN 10/24 10/24 pm
LUV 10/24 10/25 xm
NSC 10/24 10/25 am
T 10/24 10/24 pm
TSLA 10/24 10/25 xm
TXN 10/24 10/24 pm
V 10/24 10/25 am
WBA 10/24 10/25 am
AAL 10/25 10/26 am
ALXN 10/25 10/26 am
AMGN 10/25 10/25 pm
BSX 10/25 10/26 am
BUD 10/25 10/26 am
CELG 10/25 10/26 am
CHTR 10/25 10/26 am
CME 10/25 10/26 am
EXPE 10/25 10/26 xm
MCK 10/25 10/26 am
MO 10/25 10/26 am
NOW 10/25 10/25 pm
NXPI 10/25 10/25 pm
UPS 10/25 10/26 am
XLNX 10/25 10/25 pm
ABBV 10/26 10/27 am
ALGN 10/26 10/26 pm
BIDU 10/26 10/26 pm
GILD 10/26 10/26 pm
HIG 10/26 10/26 pm
INTC 10/26 10/26 pm
MSFT 10/26 10/26 pm
RCL 10/26 10/27 xm
SHPG 10/26 10/27 am
WDC 10/26 10/26 pm

In the [meridian] field, “am’ means before the market open, “pm” means after the market close, and “xm” means that I don’t yet know the release time.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, October 22-23, 2017


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