… and Private Trader is back!

It was a nice sabbatical, which, in true Private Trader fashion, I spent obsessively reworking my trading practices. I mean, come on. We love trading. We love the markets. How else would people like us spend their time?

My prior practice had centered on earnings announcements, using the Iron Fly strategy: A short call vertical spread and a short put vertical, each with the short leg having the same strike price. A cousin of the iron condor.

The Iron Fly made for high velocity trading, but also with a high rate of losses.

I’ve decided to move to a more conservative strategy. Part of that is age — I’m 73, retired, and so conservation of funds is increasingly important. Also, I’m looking for a more measured approach than by event-centered strategy could provide.

Coming up, my new trading rules, followed by some examples of recent trades.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, March 30, 2019

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