Some recent completed trades

BMY iron condor, expires 4/18/2019

IV Rate 66%

Call spread: -60 delta 19 (85% chance of expiring out of the money) / hedge +65

Put spread -45 delta 15 (82% OTM) / hedge +40

risk/reward ratio 4.3:1

Entry $0.95 credit per contract 2/15/2019

Exit $0.44 debit per contract 3/19/2019

Result: +115.9% (+$0.51) yield over 32 days +1,322% annual rate

XLI iron condor, expires 4/18/2019

IV Rate 77%

Call spread -80 delta 21 (79% OTM) / hedge +84

Put spread -72 delta 17 (82% OTM) / hedge +69

Risk/reward ratio 4.6:1

+117.24% yield +1,945.14% annual rate (+$0.34)

Entry $0.63 credit per contract 2/25/2019

Exit $0.29 debit per contract 3/19/2019

Result +117.2% ($0.34) yield over 22 days +1,945% annual rate

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, March 30, 2019


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