NVDA and SMH: What If?

On July 1 my short iron condor positions NVDA and SMH — both in the semiconductor sector — became unprofitable as a result of news reports involving the U.S. trade disputes with China.

The options were the July monthlies, expiring July 19. Under my trading rules for high probability iron condors, I manage losing trades 21 days prior to expiration. After Day 21, my sudden death rule kicks in: “Exit if the price moves beyond the range of profitability by any amount.”

And that’s what I did with NVDA and SMH. But it’s always good to test rules, so I kept the positions alive as paper trades, to see what would happen if I held the position to the Monday prior to expiration.

The answer is, not much. NVDA was trading at a $4.89 debit when I exited 15 days before expiration. A week before expiration, the paper position was trading lower, for $4.04, but was still unprofitable. SMH rose from a $2.52 debit at exit to a $3.04 debit five days before expiration and also remained unprofitable.

In other words, I would have cut my loss by $85 per contract by continuing to hold NVDA, and increased my loss by $52 per contract by continuing to hold SMH. In return, I would have tied up the funds in those positions for an additional 15 days, missing the chance to re-invest that money in the August monthly options and perhaps having enough return to offset the loss.

In this case, I would say, my sudden death rule proved to be the better course.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, July 15, 2019


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