Tuesday, December 31, 2019

12:10 p.m. New York time

A busy morning in my stock portfolios, with six exits and three entries. To me it suggests that the markets are churning at a top, leading to a downward correction, big or small.

Today’s trades:

  • Exits
    • Value Portfolio: PWR for a $40.82 credit, up 45 cents per share from entry, showing a 1.1% return over 22 days for a +19% annual rate.
    • Growth Portfolio
      • DCO for a $50.25 credit, up $1.77, producing a 3.7% return over 39 days for a 34% annual rate
      • MOMO for a $33.84% credit, down 3.51 from entry, a 9.4% loss over 29 das for a -118% annual rate.
    • Momentum Portfolio: CROX for a $41.92 credit, up 69 cents, showing a 1.7% return over four days for a 154% annual rate
    • Genetics Portfolio:
      • INCY for a $35.05 credit, down $4.51, producing a 4.9% loss over 14 days for a -128% annual rate.
      • NTLA for a $14.65 credit, down 57 cents, resulting in a 3.8% loss over 12 days for a -114% annual rate.
  • Entries
    • Growth Portfolio: AOSL, a $13.59 debit.
    • Genetics Portfolio:
      • AAPL, a $291.90 debit.
      • EDIT, a $29.70 debit.

So three losses, three wins on the exits.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, December 31, 2019


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