Live: Friday, January 31, 2020

4:05 p.m. New York time

And the markets close, with no fill on my exit order for the XBI short iron condor.

3:25 p.m. New York time

I’ve updated my XLV short iron condor analysis with results.

3 p.m. New York time

My exit order on my short iron condor on XLY was filled, and I’ve updated the analysis with results.

XLV was just filled, and I shall turn to that next. I also have an exit order on XBI for 4.7% of maximum potential profit, yet unfilled.

1:10 p.m. New York time

Two more stop/losses on stocks were triggered, both of them set at double the Wilder Average True Range.

  • Growth Portfolio
    • Exit
      • RH, for a $212.26 credit, down $10.90 per share from the price at entry, producing a 4.9% loss over 10 days for -178% annual rate.
  • Genetics
    • Exit
      • SYRS, a $6.81 credit, down $1.61, for a 19.1% loss over 17 days, a -411% annual rate.

11:20 a.m. New York time

We’re 21 days out from expiration of my current options series, and by rules, this is when I cash in my winners. I include trading fees in determining whether or not a position is winning.

All of my positions are short iron condors expiring February 21.

I’ve placed exit orders on  XLV and XLY, the only two clear winners in the batch. No fills as of yet. XLV is at 19% of maximum potential profit, and XLY, at 9%.

XLI is a penny below the credit I received at entry, which places it at 2.2% of maximum potential profit, without considering fees. I’m going to treat it as a loser today and see what develops.

The absolute losers, at present, are EEM, TLT, XBI, XLE and XLK. Two of them, EEM and XLE, are below their profit ranges, and TLT is above its profit range.

The positions I don’t exit today move to sudden death mode, meaning that I sell them when they become profitable enough to at least cover my trading fees.

I’ll have results on the two that I’m exiting today as soon as the orders are filled.

10:40 a.m. New York time

Today’s focus portfolio for stocks is Growth.

I exited three positions today, two of them — KBH and GPX — through a stops. I entered three positions in the in the Growth Portfolio.

Stock Trades

  • Growth Portfolio
    • Entries
      • AMED, for a $181.33 debit.
      • IBTX, a $53.64 debit.
      • PHM, a $45.52 debit.
  • Value Portfolio
    • Exits
      • GPX, for a $13.77 credit per share, down $1.19 from entry for a 8.0% loss over 14 days, a -207% annual rate.
      • SANM, a $32.14 credit, down $1.09 from entry, producing a 3.3% loss over two days for a -597% annual rate.
  • Momentum Portfolio
    • Exit
      • KBH, for a $38.11 credit, down 55 cents from entry for a 1.4% loss over three days, a -173% annual rate.

By Tim Bovee, Portland, Oregon, January 31, 2020


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